The short answer is YES.  With the recent law change in Washington State, you now must purchase insurance on your motorcycle as well as carry proof of insurance with you when driving your motorcycle.  In addition to satisfying the law, there are a few other items to consider when looking at motorcycle insurance.

  1. Liability Limits – don’t settle for the State minimum limits. This may not be enough to pay your legal costs and claims if you’re sued, and creditors could go after your assets.
  2. Uninsured Motorist – this pays for injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering you sustain from drivers that hit you (accidents that are not your fault). My advice – get as much coverage as you can.  Statistics show that this is by far the largest risk for motorcyclists.
  3. Personal Injury Protection – this is a no-fault coverage that will pay medical bills for you and any passengers. Unless you have outstanding medical insurance, this is a must buy. 
  4. Comprehensive and Collision – this protects your bike from physical damage (accidents, fire, theft etc.) just like the same coverages on your auto policy.


There are several other options offered by carriers that include trip interruption, coverage for custom parts, transport trailer coverage and roadside assistance.  Make sure you investigate all options available to you before you buy. 


As always, if you would like more information or have specific questions, please let us know. 

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