More FirstMark Victories

Listen to real people share their stories and how FirstMark helped them find better coverage for their situation while saving them money. FirstMark treats every customer’s situation with personal care, so you can get the best coverage that fits your needs. 

Crissy saved $1,500 switching to FirstMark, and FirstMark helped her daughter find insurance for a new business when no one else would.

by Crissy | FirstMark Victories

Jim has been with the same carrier since the late 70’s and decided it was time to shop. FirstMark increased his coverage and saved $1,200!

by Jim | FirstMark Victories

"The coverage is better, the price is less, and their customer care team is the best."

by Dave & Terry | FirstMark Victories

FirstMark was professional and treated him like a person rather than a number. Daryl now saves $600 a year and has even better coverage.

by Daryl | FirstMark Victories

Don was underinsured about $100k on his guesthouse with his previous insurer. FirstMark properly insured him and saved him over $1,000 a year!

by Don | FirstMark Victories

Mike was truly amazed when he saved $1,200 a year by switching to FirstMark!

by Mike M. | FirstMark Victories

"You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by calling FirstMark!"

by Kenny | FirstMark Victories

David had minimum coverage and was over paying. FirstMark saved him over $2,000 a year and doubled his coverage.

by David | FirstMark Victories

"The wonderful agent at FirstMark eased me into the policy." Jack felt like he was at home and saved over $400 a year.

by Jack | FirstMark Victories

Jeff’s daughter was turning 16 and his current insurer was going to charge him $150 to $200 a month. FirstMark is only $63 a month for his daughter and he has better coverage. Jeff saved a total of $2,694 a year!

by Jeff | FirstMark Victories

He bundled his insurance together with FirstMark and saved over $2,000 a year.

by Mike N. | FirstMark Victories

Penny booked flights to a family reunion and a trip to New York with the savings from switching to FirstMark.

by Penny | FirstMark Victories

Mike was able to take his family on a vacation with the savings from switching to FirstMark!

by Mike | FirstMark Victories

"FirstMark is a pleasure to work with and they provide personal service." Sarah saved $250 a month by switching to FirstMark.

by Sarah | FirstMark Victories

Shawn bundled his business and personal insurance with FirstMark for ease of business and saved over $900 a year!

by Shawn | FirstMark Victories

Steve had been with the same carrier for 40 years and saved $1,800 by shopping with FirstMark! A network of people now works for Steve at FirstMark.

by Steve | FirstMark Victories

Susan had been with the same insurer for many years and wasn’t sure she had the correct coverage. FirstMark provided her with a personal analysis of her insurance.

by Susan | FirstMark Victories

Ted shopped 6 insurance companies and FirstMark beat everyone out due to their caring and trustworthy service.

by Ted | FirstMark Victories

Teri has faith in FirstMark that they are on the ball and quick to answer any questions she had.

by Teri | FirstMark Victories

Wayde moved all his insurance saved over $1300 a year!

by Wayde | FirstMark Victories

"Saved almost $2,000 and can't speak highly enough of FirstMark!"

by Wynona | FirstMark Victories

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