FirstMark Challenge

We think there is a better insurance plan out there to fit your needs!

You deserve to feel confident and secure about your insurance.

Most people dread dealing with insurance because they find it time consuming, complicated, and confusing. At FirstMark Insurance we streamline and simplify the experience for you. When you’re a member of the FirstMark Family you will be valued, protected and can be confident you have the right coverage.

Take the FirstMark challenge and have our agents shop over 20 providers at once. We do the work; you save the time. After we run the numbers, you’ll see which insurance company is going to give you the best coverage at the best rate. When Insurance competes for you, you win!

It’s FREE – you have nothing to lose!

Have a Conversation

Gather information

Discuss your goals

Clarify the process

We Shop the Market

20+ Insurance
Providers Compete

Find the best price & product

Apply all discounts

Review the Results

Walk you through the
top selection

Compare our results to
your existing plan

Answer your questions

You Decide!

Choose FirstMark’s top
selection or stay with
your existing coverage

Enjoy peace of mind that
you have the right coverage

FirstMark Challenge Victories! 

Real stories of better coverage and bigger savings.

"They actually got me more insurance for... $1901 less."

by Penny | FirstMark Challenge

"You don't feel like you're just a policy number. It's personal."

by Sarah | FirstMark Challenge

“I’ve heard so many FirstMark Challenge Victories with my late friend Dori Monson, that Molly and I had to jump in. We saved thousands in year one. Don’t wait! Take the FirstMark Challenge like we did, it’s free!”

Brock Huard

Seattle Sports 710AM Radio Talk Show Co-Host

FirstMark Promises Delivered. 

When the unexpected happens, FirstMark steps in. Be Prepared for the Worst.

A day after increasing her liability coverage with FirstMark, Christina accidentally hit a pedestrian while backing out of a driveway. The incident ended with a $573,000 payout, which FirstMark covered.

by Christina | Promises Delivered

18 months after switching to FirstMark, Jim and Linda's car hydroplaned on the freeway and crashed into another vehicle with 3 people in it. FirstMark protected them from financial devastation.

by Jim and Linda | Promises Delivered

"I got a frantic call from one of my tenants, the call was about a fire! The first guy I thought to call was Dave Taylor my insurance agent."

by Mike | Promises Delivered

There is no cost or obligation to see if we can improve your coverage, reduce your risk and save you money!

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