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You may have heard of Murphy’s law; “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Renter’s insurance assures that you are covered in the case that Murphy strikes. At FirstMark Insurance, we will make sure everything from your furniture to sports gear and everything in-between are covered. We work with over 20 insurance companies to get you the best coverage for the best price.

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The Best Insurance For You

A renters policy will protect the home valuables you own from theft and damages. After talking with a FirstMark Insurance agent about your specific needs, we’ll find the right policy for you! Below are just a few of the services we provide, along with their benefits.


Basic Coverage:

Even when you are away, your home is protected. Our renters policy can help if your property is damaged or stolen, subject to the limits and deductibles you select. If you experience a break-in or a flood, no need to fear, you have insurance!


Premium Coverage:

Our premium package allows you to collect the full replacement cost of your belongings without any deductions or depreciation. If you have an incident, this offer allows you to carry on living your life with as little hassle as possible.


Medical Coverage:

If you or your family are liable for property damage or bodily injury claims associated with your home, renters insurance will save the day. You can also choose to cover visitors. If a visitor is injured in your home, regardless of fault, you can claim coverage for all medical expenses due to that injury.


Legal defense:

If there is a lawsuit taken against you, your renters insurance can help. You will be provided legal defense if you are sued after a covered loss, based on the limit you have selected for your coverage.



Don’t forget to ask about discounts! Your insurance plan can be credited if your home has burglar alarms or if you utilize insurance packages with auto or umbrella insurance policies.


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