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Scott Wooster


Born in windswept Ellensburg, WA. Went to the (old) Lynnwood High School and Whitman College in Walla Walla. Have a beautiful and sweet wife named Pam, and a son who clearly needed to get away, so he lives in Thailand and teaches English to little kids. I am proud of them both. Worked for decades in the Seattle tech world, but never felt like I was really making a concrete difference in people’s lives. At FirstMark I have finally found that place where I can truly change lives for the better!

I have had the opportunity to experience the urban, suburban and rural sides of the Pacific Northwest, and have met great folks wherever I have gone. It’s not a red state, it’s not a blue state…it’s OUR state and it is my humble duty to help protect as many folks as I can in this place we are honored to call home. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to help, one client and one family at a time. Sure, I work hard to save my clients their hard earned money, but really it gives me joy to know that my clients are in a better place, better protected, more secure. I love to hear the stories of my clients and future clients. EVERYBODY has an interesting story to tell. I can’t wait to hear yours!

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