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John Applegate


I was born and raised in Northridge, California and currently live in the Edmonds area with my wife, 2 amazing children, 3 dogs and a cat. I love hiking, off roading and river rafting which are some of the reasons I moved to the Seattle area almost 30 years ago.

However, my two main passions are playing soccer and playing the guitar.  I’ve played soccer since the age of 5 and played on an international traveling team that competed in numerous European tournaments. I also coached soccer at the premier level and have won state titles as a player and coach.  I also love playing the guitar, I mostly do jazz/rock fusion and have written many original songs and formed an all original band. We recently went into the famous “Lang” studios and we are working on our first album.

I have been an agent for over 30 years. I really value my clients hard earned money and look to advise them on how to get the most out of their investment into insurance products. I really enjoy being my customers guide, and I approach each account with a commitment to understanding their needs so I can offer the best and most appropriate advice. It’s great to work with an agency like FirstMark because we have a lot of carriers to access which gives us the best opportunity to find a competitive market. Therefore, doing the best for our customers.

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John Applegate

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