We are blessed with some of the most beautiful places to live in our country. But because Washington’s winters can get a bit dreary, it’s not uncommon for people to purchase other properties in states where winters are a little more temperate. 

Purchasing and insuring properties across multiple states is not complicated provided you are working with the right broker, and FirstMark is well equipped to handle those opportunities. 

FirstMark has licensed agents in multiple states who can work with our multiple carriers to take care of your new property regardless of the state you purchase in. Even if you’re buying a property in a state we are not licensed in, we will help you find a solution! 

Each state has unique characteristics as do the properties you purchase; whether they be a secondary home or condominium, a rental property, or a mixed-use (where you stay there sometimes and rent it sometimes) we will customize YOUR insurance protection to accommodate YOUR choices. 

A few tips to help you during the process: 

  1. Let us know ahead of time so we can fully investigate the property and provide you with an accurate quote. (This is particularly important if you are purchasing a condo.) 
  2. Depending on the carrier, you may still enjoy the benefits of bundling – we will look at all the options available. 
  3. Investigating also includes a comprehensive loss report (CLUE) that may identify a claim by the prior owner providing you valuable information BEFORE you purchase. 
  4. It is also important to let us know if you plan to anchor a vehicle at the new location, so we can make sure coverage keeps up with laws and regulations in that state. 
  5. Finally, UMBRELLA coverage. This needs to be adjusted to include the new location.

Ultimately, the more time our agents have in assisting you to navigate this new adventure, the better they will be able to ensure the proper protection is in place. 

All that is left is to ENJOY your new investment!

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