Unless you really enjoy having a service tech spending all day at your house wiring your windows and doors and paying an arm and a leg each month for professional security monitoring, we suggest you take a look at RING.   

Speak with an expert – 833-906-1146

How much does it cost?

  • One-time cost to purchase the Alarm Security Kit $200-$300 for 5 to 10 piece Kits
  • $20/mo or save $40 to pay annually $200

Set up Options: “Just Plug it In”

  1. Do it yourself – Ring Device Manuals
  2. Have them set it up for you for $200 or less – OnTech

Download the app and allow notifications on your phone.

For higher value homes with Replacement Costs over $1,000,000, insurance carriers will require a professionally monitored security system. This system seems to be one of the best values and has the simplest setups that we could find.

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