When your son or daughter gets their permit to drive, we recommend you contact us here so we can ‘list’ them on your policy. This costs you nothing at this point, but it notifies the carrier that they are driving and it gives us a chance to go over the game plan with you. We’ll remind you about the eligibility requirements of the good student discount (3.0 GPA or better), can run some mock numbers of what your premiums will be so you can begin to budget for that increased expense, and see if there are any other discounts available. A couple carriers offer an online course that takes some time to complete and offer substantial savings. It’s nice to have that completed before it’s time to add them.

When they actually get their driver’s license, that’s when it’s time to add them as a full fledged rated driver on the policy, and that’s when the dreaded ‘expensive years’ begin. This is the season of time when it is so important to be supported by FirstMark as your broker so we can keep you in a competitive spot in the market.

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